Lindsey Plantation

The Lindsey Plantation home was built by the Lindsey family in the year 1890. Through various generations spanning many decades, the home has grown from a quaint little cottage to what some would consider a masterpiece today. It is a fully functioning plantation, complete with stables, an equestrian facility, various farm animals, and views to take your breath away. The home holds much of the Lindsey family legacy with many spaces adorned with old family photographs, period furniture, and various antiques. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination for one to picture what this lovely estate once was, as just a brief tour of the home speaks of immense history. Not only is the home full of history and a humble beauty, but it stands as a testament to the love, dedication, hard work, and the unending imagination that its owners have possessed over the years. It is a home built with love, one generation to the next. That alone makes the Lindsey Plantation the perfect place to share your love and celebrations.